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How They Met
How They Met


I was doing my usual updates on facebook when all of sudden I looked to the right of the page and it said you have friends in common with Lance Takacs, well me being a girl I clicked on his photo and said to myself; well I think I know him, but really I thought to myself he's handsome so i'll add him, why not! So, later that night he came on facebook chat and asked me how did i know him, I was nervous because I really had no idea why i did add him other then I thought he was goodlooking. Well he told me he checked out my photo as well and said I was beautiful and had a great smile and that he would love to get to know me. well after couple of weeks of getting to know each other on facebook chat he asked me to come to his birthday (November 20, 2009) and I thought, oh why not! So my friend and I went to his birthday which ended up being a club, which was nice because I still loved the club scene. So I got all dressed up put my highheels on, not knowing he's the same height as me with them off, so when I met him I found myself looking down to say hello. But with his beautiful brown eyes and the nice tan he had from coming back from mexico, the height didn't bother me. So away we danced and talked the night away and it was a wonderful fun night! And just over a week later of texting and chatting and hanging out (December 2, 2009) he asked me out! and oh boy did I say YES! :)

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