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When She Said YES
When She Said YES


Lance wanted to throw me off as much as he could so he did it right on his birthday, he asked our church family to come and some of his friends, so it actually looked like his day. My best friend Amy Blendheim makes proffesional cupcakes and did her usual, of making cupcakes for lances birthday and had a present on top of the cup cakes. Well little did I know that the gift on top was a ring!!! So after dinner was all over he got up and made a speech except he was stuttering so bad and was so nervious and I looked at him and said to myself; i feel bad for you haha well after the speech of thanking everyone for coming, he put a cup cake in front of me saying MARRY ME? and then I looked back at him and he was on one knee unwrapping the gift and inside, was a beautiful bright shiny ring and I said to myself, oh my word this is my moment!!! :) haha and of course just like I said yes to when he asked me out I said YES to marrying him!! :)

when she said YES

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